Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look at what Catherine sent me

Sometimes it is hard to remember what you
send someone especially if you forget to take
a few pictures of it. I sent her about 60 leaflets
and look what she sent me!
A beautiful needleroll. Blue is one of my favorite
colors. She stitched it on linen. I am unable to stitch on
linen. It is so lovely.
 It says 'Forget me not'.  This has to be
the most prettiest thing that has ever
been sent to me.
 I am still speechless!
 She also sent me a small box with a beaded piece
that she stitched.  I have to find something cutsy to
go inside.
 This is the side of the little box. Isnt it cute.
 Even though I do not wear hi-heels any longer. I still
like them. This one is crocheted and glittery. I know the
glitter is hard to see.  I will have to look for fabric to
make this into a sweet pincushion.
 These christmas books are just swell. There are so
many projects in here to do. It is hard for me pick
which one to do first - help I need 5 arms!!
With all of them cross-stitching a project.
 I believe my friend sent me back 60 leaflets. And I love
Paula Vaughan's patterns. It is nice to exchange patterns
because sometimes there could be some patterns that
you have never seen before. There are many of them
here that are new to me.
Catherine sent me loads of aida cloth. The pink & the
blue are so pretty. I have to get stitching!
Thank you so much Catherine. I love everything that
you sent me!
by Hopblogger


Patty C. said...

The needleroll is wonderful - Absolutely charming ;)

Tatkis said...

Wow! The needleroll is so beautiful, and presents are just gorgeous!!
Congratulations, Conny!


diamondc said...

Connie: Thank-you for the lovely words I loved stitching the needleroll I have a basket full of about 25 more I am going to start another one this week-end.
I am so glad you enjoyed the books fabric and leaflets.