Sunday, October 25, 2009

For a couple of weeks,

I have been meaning to introduce you to 2 of my
favorite Halloween pals. Some time ago I acquired them & gave them names.
Come on say hello to Flirty Frank (on the left)
& his ONLY friend Scary Sam. Together they make a pair!
They are both more orangey than what they appear
in the photo's. No matter what I tried I couldn't seem
to get a good pict of them both. Flirty Frank is a pillow but is firm
enough for pins to be stuck into him. Look at his mug - how
could you not adore him! When I was given
Scary Sam - he was hooked onto a basket. He didnt
like it there so I yanked him off! I dont know
what scary sam is stuffed with - but it is extra firm & is not
poly-fill. I think that I like them
both as pincushions. To stay around my house they need a job!
from Hopblogger

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