Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yes, this is it - my workstation. My husband is
working on building me a work table & attaching it to the
computer station that he built for us. Plan to skirt the table
when it is finished.
I will show you picts when it is
all done - but what I want to know is - have
you seen it on my desk yet! Yes, of course you see it - but just
in case you havent because your eyes cannot
move away from my clutter -- I am talking
about the wood cup holder - well no longer is it a
cup holder - WOILA - it is a scissor holder! Small to medium
sizes will hang from the lower handles.
My scissors need fobs. Maybe I will attach a pretty
pincushion or strawberry pincushions to the top
of this cup/scissors holder.
Do you
think that you could use this idea. It could be painted,
decoupaged or left as is for you to enjoy next to your cutting
mat. Be sure to click on each pict for a larger view.
from Hopblogger

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