Sunday, December 13, 2009


is the name of my book. I wanted to say that
I have some copies left that are for sale that I thought
I would mention on this blog. So far I have not had
a book returned - knock on wood. There is a little bit of
something for everyone in this book & I am not sure who
likes it most - kids or adults.
This book contains stories that rhyme & 2 of my favorites are
"The Coconut Crab" & "The Butterfly's Ball".
Have you ever seen a coconut crab - many people dont know that it does exist!
The crab is the largest that I have ever seen. They are native to
the Caroline Island. Search on the internet - this crab that is
wrapped around a trash can! This is just one of Gods lovely creatures
that lives on the land & not in the sea.
Below is an excerpt from the coconut crab
"Once again he went back into the sea, he went upon many ridges
till he reached a hilly crest
there he broke open a big fat treasure chest!
He pulled out many necklaces many thing that he could haul
he dragged it all behind him with his one big super claw!"
Below is an excerpt from the butterfly's ball.
"Each wore a dress the color of her wings, they had matching hats
& purses, necklaces & rings
Upon their shapely legs they wore silk black web hose
all woven by black widows with black high heels covering their toes."
by Hopblogger

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Lori said...

I enjoyed reading your book. The butterfly ball was the cutest. Darling little book, sis. Keep up the good work.