Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Plastic Scarf Hangers

People that know me
know that I have a dislike for plastics. Cant stand the stuff!
When it comes in my house generally it goes
right back out by way of donations to thrift
shops or to anyone who wants it.
However once in awhile I keep a piece that is different
& that piece intrigues me as to find a use for it.
While looking through a couple of craft boxes
my eyes spied these 3 little plastic scarf hangers.
With a little imagination
these cute almost 9 inch hangers can be used with your
crafts. For those of you that like your laces or ribbons
where you can see them - try this idea & hang the ribbon hanger
on a hook on the wall or from a shelf. Eventually this one will hang
from a shelf & be filled with many more ribbons.
A close up of the hanger photos show a ridge around the
hanger where you can
apply DMC Number Stickers
to the plastic (where my fingers are holding it) & hang your floss
from it. Keep your eyes open for these
little hangers, maybe your friends have them &
no longer want them, which in that case they will
freely give them to you - or check thrift shops to see if they are
just throwing them in a bin for 5 or 10 cents each. If I find more
of these I will be picking them up - to find other uses for them in
my craft room.
Be sure to leave me a comment & tell me
how you will use your scarf hangers.
By Hopblogger

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