Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh! How Sweet....

Sorry Folks --- but I have been really busy. Went to Florida
to see my elderly Aunts. We had a great time my sis, our father & me.
But now it is work as usual. I thought that
you would like to see a soft touch! While looking through
an unused sewing box I found a pair of white bunny slippers with droopy ears
however one of those ears was missing & another had been
pulled off. I looked in vain to find the other pink ear but I could
not find it. Somewhere it is here and then when I find it
I will replace both light pink ears with the original ears!
In the meantime, I replaced the 2 ears with a much lighter felt & sewed it on for
my grand daughter Brie - since the bunny slippers belonged to her
doll when she was a toddler.
Brie told me that she wanted me to make them into Pincushions, one for
her and one for me. Oh! how sweet.
And here they are - 2 different pincushions - but somewhat the same.
Cut from the same fabric as the fabric inside of the
soft shoe, are matching loops. I wonder which
pincushion Brie will pick! Please do not mind my hand stitching
as I have not hand stitched anything in eons!


Lori said...

They are cute.

Lori said...

A pin cushion was a great idea.