Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have many items to share with you today

Just before I started
all of those pincushions - I had been
cross stitching my brains out. Here are all of the items that
I was able to finish. As you can see I didnt stitch
the snowman exactly like the photo. I added beaded eyes
along with beads for buttons. I messed up on his belt. Its still cute.
I didnt care for the words that came with the Tea ornament as I
dont have any plans to hang it on that little plastic hanger. I might make it
into a scissor fob or something like that. I havent decided yet what
to do with it. Also if you look at the picture it is really busy. Too busy
for me so I changed the colors a little. A neighbor gave
me 'Cowabunga' by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I will gladly swap that stitched piece if anyone is interested in it.
The basket of strawberries is finally finished. That pattern
was borrowed so if you like it you will have to copy it as you see
it. I cannot remember the name for
the basket of strawberries either . I didnt have the pattern for
'The Old Well' either so
I cannot enter it on this blog. It worked up really quick though - quicker than the
ornaments. The rose is just a rose that I copied from a library book & stitched.
I really like things that are quick & easy. It is then when I feel that I
have accomplished something. UFO's are done! Enjoy
by Hopblogger

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