Sunday, August 1, 2010

I joined a Cross Stitch Group.

About a month ago my daughter & I happened into
Barnes & Nobles when she spotted 5 women cross
stitching. In the group
are Cathy, Shirley, Becky, Lynn & Marcia.
They are very sweet & friendly ladies. Nevertheless me & Pep
& my 2 grandaughters have now joined the club. We
talk and look at what each other is stitching. This week
I will get photos of the group & post them. I would like
to tell you about Marcia. Her full name is Marcia Mcgill.
For those people that have heard of her or has seen
her designs - know that what she has designed is so cute!
I bought 3 of her designs last week. She so kindly autographed
each one of them on the front right side. The first chart that I bought was
'Reindeers Night Off'. I just love how instead of reindeers, Santa's
sled is going everywhere by a hot air balloon. And the houses beneath
the sled. It is so darling that I couldnt resist it.
'January Balloon' was cute also. She told me the story
of this one but I have forgotten. I will get her to tell it to me
again. 'February Balloon' has a heart for its balloon.
Cupid is getting ready to shoot his arrow. I wonder who he will
shoot? Marcia also has the cutest Noah's Ark. Maybe she will let me
post a photo of it. Snakes are actually painting on the ark.
Enjoy the photos
by Hopblogger

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