Monday, August 9, 2010

Here they are,,,

photos of the stitching group. All of these people
are smart, friendly & frankly some of the sweetiest
ladies that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Come
on & let me introduce you to them. First we see Becky. Becky is quite - she
is busy, busy stitching. (BYW I hardly get any stitching
done because I keep running my mouth.) She did the Lords Supper
& it now hangs in her church. I never saw it but she said it took her 10
years to stitch it. I bet that its lovely!
Next is my grandaughter Brie. She is new to cross stitching & was a
little shy at having her pict taken.
The lady in the purple blouse - thats Shirley. Shirley is alot like
Becky. For the most part she is quiet - just stitches away. I bet she
gets a lot done. Next is Cathy. Cathy is displaying her nice Lizzie Kate
banner that she is stitching. It sure is nice. (Cathy thought that she
would hide her face - but I snapped another photo of her.)
The lady with the yellow blouse on is my daughter Pepper. She is
stitching a chinese dragon for her son. It is going to be pretty when she's
done. Last is Marsha McGill - the hot air balloon designer. Love those
Marsha get your hands out of Cathy's bin!!
Look at that bin. Cathy makes the cutest Chatelaine's. This sweet lady
let me pick out several of them & hey I found her scissors for her!!
Her scissors was attached to one of the chatelaine's.
Cathy is asking only $5.00 for each chatelaine. Thats a steal so if you
want to buy one let me know. The next photos will show more of what
they look like.
by Hopblogger

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