Monday, August 9, 2010

Take a look at....

these pretty chatelaine's. I am so excited
to show them to you. Cathy makes & sells
them for $5.00 each. Hey this is a great buy!!
(But first let me apoligize for
a few photos that are blurry. I tried but the blue & yellow one just
wouldnt come clear enough). Each of them have cute little
charms or buttons attached. For instance sewing machines, look
at the little cupid on the blue one & the little scissors. All of these
have a pincushion attached except the blue one. These are bright
& cheery. Everyone of them will make you smile. I have never owned
a chatelaine - this is my first one & it wont be my last. I could
have used these when I was doing all of that quilting!
You need one
for each project - so it all matches. For this price you can afford to
get a couple of them. All you need to do is to attach your scissors to it &
whatever charms you have. Look at you - a seasoned Pro!
by Hopblogger

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