Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here are the rest of

the 60 pincushions. I absolutely adore chocolate and cannot have any
of it due to my caffeine allergy. My venture with these pincushions
began when I came across
this Whitman's Sampler Tin. Inside were the chocolate papers. At
first I thought it would be nice to make some little chocolates. But
as you will see none of them turned out like chocolate. However
they do resemble little cupcakes. There are a few chocolate
cupcakes that I did not decorate. A few cupcakes look like their
icing in the middle is oozing out. At least this is what I was aiming
for even though it doesnt resemble it. I think my blanket stitch is getting better.
After I started the first one these little guys it got so addictive that I
couldnt stop making them. I was hoping to use up alot of leftover
laces, ribbons and little odds n ends. That didnt happen. There
is one pincushion that looks like the white didnt go around correctly.
Well I wanted it to look like that. I wanted it to look like I didnt
have enough fondant to cover it. That's one of my fav's. But my
favorite is the little pincushion second to the last. I made it the same
way. This little pincushion is just a little bit bigger than a toothpaste
cap. I would like more of those but I cannot remember where that
cap came from. The last pincushion is suppose to be some striped
candy on top - (from beads). One pincushion sports a little strawberry
on the side. Another pincushion has little pink jewelry beads on top
to resemble rock sugar. I will be making more of these pincushions.
Just be sneaking them in here and there. Really folks - make you
some of these pincushions. You wont be sorry.
by Hopblogger

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