Monday, March 7, 2011

Happiness is patterns

I almost forgot to post these patterns.
Sorry aboout that! I have been so busy.
The front pattern shows the yellow
floss on white 14ct aida. All I did was
to reverse the floss & aida colors.
I like the simpleness of it - and I hope
that you do also.

Would love to see some photos or
at least know that you are
stitching them. You dont have to
stitch these patterns into
biscornu's! They would look great
stitched onto boxes or made into
sweet little pillows. Enjoy the patterns!
by Hopblogger


diamondc said...

You have inspired me to try and design my own pattern I am going to work on this biscornu.
Thank-you for the free pattern.

Faith said...

That is cute Connie! Thanks ;)