Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here are the patterns

for Grandma's Afghans, front & back.
The front & back are meant to be 2 separate
patterns. Their colors do not have to match.
You can totally ignore my colors or make
up your own. However I do like the use of black on the
front. The back pattern that I offer here is different
than mine. Mine is more haphazard with the use of
some floss scraps. Your design will
be more orderly even when you use floss pieces.
If you do not use floss scraps then try to incorporate
more colors in the design. The back colors will pop! -
with the use of more color.
I hope you stitch this one!
by Hopblogger


Joanie R. said...

Hi-i'm going to make this biscornu, but the top zigzag pattern does not enlarge...not clickable. Can you repost this?

Love this pattern...thanks!
Joanie R.

Hopblogger said...

Hello Joanie,
Am so glad that you like this pattern. You are most welcome. Sure do hope that i get to see your biscornu when you are finished with it!
Keep Stitching. Conny