Thursday, January 27, 2011

I stitched it again.

This time in brown, blue & pink. It turned
out adorable. I used DMC 801, 809 & 899.
If you need any help putting one of these
together - just let me know. I dont mind
talking you thru it - no matter how long
it takes.

It is made a little differently
than the first biscornu.

Yep, look on all 4 sides. I
purposely left out part of the
pattern. It then made it much
more faster to stitch. However
it does look like something
is missing doesn't it. You could
sew on heart charms or some
basket charms in this area.
But if you do this - then sew it
all on before you stitch up all
the sides of the biscornu.
Both the front & back have the
same charms that say
'love forever'. See the back.

By now - are you
wondering what kind of charms
they are? Especially since I
had 2 of them that were the

I took the backs off of 2
earrings. They weren't doing me any
good just sitting around unused.
Take a look in your jewelry box
and see if you have some
costume jewelry that you
dont mind parting with.
Also add jewelry to your
scissor cases & fobs. Add them
to your pincushions along with
other cute things that you stitch.
Thanks for visiting me!
by Hopblogger

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diamondc said...

Connie: I love the idea of using old jewelry, I really like this biscornu.