Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What to do with a pillow

that is pretty but not in your color
pallette. Well thats not completely true.
The white is starting to come into my home.
But the golden color is not. However
those cupids are so darling - I just cant
resist them. Hate to cover them. I have had this pillow
forever. Or at least it seems that way. Time for a change!
What to do. Thats easy enough. Just take
2 placemats. Yes I did said placemats & use them
to cover the pillow. These placemats were white on both
sides but one side had a little stain. The good thing about
using placemats is that - on the inside you dont have to worry
about the fabric fraying. Zoom in you can see the edges are
bound together. Be sure to leave a big enough opening!
Stuff that pillow in there anyway that
you can. See its in there.
Last - just sew it closed. Its a brand new
Its a great lumbar pillow for the computer
chair. Ahhh it sure does feel good!
Looks pretty too.

I hope you start looking at those placemats a
little differently from now on. Another
thing that I would like to say is - I hope that
all of you that do Miniatures really consider using
SCRAPBOOK PAPER for those walls that need wallpaper.
Dollhouse wallpaper is about $15.00 a roll.
I only used 5 sheets of scrapbook paper
for the entire apartment. Each sheet was only 69 cents each.
Thats a great savings. And I like it that not everyone
has this in their dollhouse! And I applied it to the walls with
Mod Podge. Also think about these placemats.
Zoom in on this pillow - & you
will see a nice pattern. What about using it for
MATALASSE' bed covers for your miniature beds!
The pattern is just the right size. Now
if I could only find those other 2 white
placemats - then I could stitch them up for those
naked dollhouse beds!
Thank you for visiting me.
by Hopblogger


Marlene said...

Great cover and so easy.

diamondc said...

Girl you are so good at what you do I love the colors very soft and pretty.