Friday, January 7, 2011

Floss Scraps

Remember Grandma.....
Hopefully you were fortunate enough to have
a grandma that was always crocheting something. If you
were - do you remember what those afghans looked like.
Did she make the afghans out of scraps of yarn or was she
lucky enough to be able to buy her yarns needed. This biscornu
front & back is made to look scrappy. While the front has
order to it - the back does not. It is called
'Grandma's Afghans'. And it took me every bit
of 2 weeks to stitch. At every minute I was stitching
as hard as I could. The bottom picture shows
the complete set that I made which includes a needlebook
needleminder & a scissor fob. The front of this biscornu
even has fringe on all 4 sides. Although I could
have trimmed them - I didnt want to. I wanted to make
it look used and well loved by letting the fringe
appear uneven. And look - no button in the
middle - only 2 strands of floss was used. It is to give
the appearance of the thread knots showing through.
When you get ready to do the center just thread a large eyed
needle from the front & pull the floss thru to the back. Be sure
to leave a long tail on the front & knot it many times so it doesnt
pull through to the back. When that is done then pull the threads
in the back really tight & go back through to the front. Do this many
times & each time that you go to the front knot the floss from your
needle with the tail of the thread that you have. Once you are done
then end at the back of the biscornu. Knot it many times & leave a long tail
just like the front. Trim these tails down to whatever size you want.
If you dont want to trim them - its okay. Anything goes with this

And here is the back. It is so colorful. The
back is most suited for all of your floss threads
left over from prior projects. The more scrappier it is -
the better it looks. If you already have a collection
of floss scraps then use them here. If not then just
try to make it scrappy. But remember if you use your
floss scraps (and you should) then it will take you far longer
than I to stitch it. And it will take lots & lots of floss scraps!

Here is a side view of the top. When you are
ready to stitch the front & back together - be
sure to keep the fringe out of the way. You dont
want to sew it into the seams!

Englarge this next photo and see where
I put my name. Yes I stitched Conny on it! Now
there isnt any question of who this biscornu belongs to. Lol's

This is just another side view of the back.

I used a small linen hankie to make the needlebook. It
lends an old feeling to the biscornu. The inside of the
needlebook is just a piece of felt with a nice subdued
color to it.

Now you can see what I did. I used the holes on the
hankie to attach the felt to it. All I did was just do half of a
cross stitch all the way around - being sure not to forget
to include the ribbon so it will close. Make sure to trim the felt
afterwards. The little gold bird is a needleminder. Aint he cute!
And my scissors holds a long tail of fake coins to it.
It jingles! Oh - I just love it.

I thought you might like to see the inside of the
needlebook. Super Simple yea!

I am very excited about this set! Gotta get the
pattern ready so I can post it. Give
me a couple of days. And then stitch up this biscornu in rememberance
of your grandma!
by Hopblogger


diamondc said...

I have never seen such a cool biscornu before congratulations on a super great idea a biscornu and rememberance of Grandmothers afghans very nice.

diamondc said...

Conny: I forgot to comment about the other things on your post I love the idea of coins for a scissors tail and the needlebook is beautiful, thank-you for sharing.