Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello There....

sure do hope that everyone had a nice weekend & got a few projects done.
I am working on a few things but have not completed them yet.
Hashimoto has had me tired lately. Anyway I wanted to give to you
a few websites & let you know what I have been doing - in the way
of thriftiness. The last time we made automatic dishwashing liquid I forgot
to take pics of it. Anyway, it is very easy to make & economical also.
Take note, that the recipe calls for the same
ingredients as your laundry detergent minus the soap, so you have
everything already. Also notice that you have to teaspoon
the soaps into the dishwasher compartments
each time that you use it, but we did not do that. All we did was mix the Borax
& the super washing soda together 2 cups each into our large container & fill the
rest up with water. Just be sure to shake, shake, shake
each time before using. Also I want to say do not use your laundry
detergent in the automatic dishwasher because it might be too soapy & you wont
be able to rinse it all off of the dishes. Be sure to use the distilled white vinegar in the rinse
cycle as this helps. Dont forget it. I have been using this mixture & it is a little soapy for me.
Next time we make a fresh batch I will play around with the recipe & see about
using less detergents - or when my liquids get to half of my container - I might try
diluting it even more. Play around with the recipe until you get it the way
that you like it. Have fun!
by Hopblogger

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