Saturday, January 16, 2010


I started going PARABEN FREE. Yes - I decided that it was about
time to purge my body of those offending bad chemicals.
I have had enough of them. Even though I realize that I cannot get rid
of all of them entirely - at least I can rid myself of half of them or more
from my house & beauty products.
First I purged my cosmetics - goodbye Estee Lauder, you have served me
well all of these years. In my quest to find make-up from constantly searching
the internet - I found the make-up at Whole foods. Not far from my house
& it was a plus that it is gluten free! Believe me even though
it says that it is gluten free - it doesnt mean that I believe it. Many items that
says it is gluten free in fact are not. For instance it could contain corn flour,
natural flavors & or modified food starch. This is not gluten free so be-ware
my blog friends. Corn is a cereal grass.
Anyway in order to have makeup I cannot get away from
the paraben - so I have to choose gluten free over paraben free.
Guess who won that one! So I have sucked
it up and went with gluten free this time. But when I find both
then I will let you know about it.
Below is a website that tells you the cancer - causing ingredients.
Pick my friend. So my makeup is not paraben free. Soon it will be in
my head - to stay away from make-up until a manufacturer
decides to make paraben & gluten free or if by some freak chance
it figure it out on my own. Na - I am not a genius or a chemist.
So sad because it might be a long time before I discover something.
Alas, I have found deodorants,
shampoos & other stuff that is paraben free & gluten free. So this makes me happy
at least for the time being but not for long.
Soon I am going to try my hand at making my own shampoo & some other
beauty products
I am also tired of paying those high prices & they keep soaring up higher - arent
you tired of all of it? Is it too much to ask for paraben-free
& gluten-free. Cant they make that!
Anyway at that same time I started making my own laundry detergent.
My husband helps me & I think that he enjoys that it saves us
LOTS OF MONEY! I like your help, honey!
For over 30 years I had been a Tide user - used nothing else but that.
Loved it. Now I have had enough of the high price & the shrinking bottle
not to mention the BAD PARABENS, & besides that, my ideas have changed
as I have gotten older.
By the way this recipe does clean your clothes. With all the recipes that I have
found only the soaps change the most. A few soaps to mention that you
can use is Ivory, Octagon, Fels-Naptha, & Zote. These soaps are cost-effective.
Here is the website for the recipe that I chose to use, however I tried
Zote the first time I made it. This batch was made with Fels-Naptha. Go ahead
& change the soap to your preference - but this is the basics so take it
from there. This is not my recipe.
Do not be afraid to make any of this - it is easier than you think to make
your own laundry detergent. Online are recipes for making your own handsoap,
automatic dishwasher detergent & hand washing detergent. These products
are safer & cheaper so - GO GREEN.
Both of my daughters & my sister jumped on the same bandwagon with me -
so wont you do the same. Remember to click, click on picts to make them larger.
Look at the website on how to make the detergent & look at my pics if it
helps you.
You only need to use about 3 & 1/2 oz of the soap - but my husband cuts all of it
up & then bags it in a zip-lock the soap that we dont use - to use
for next batch making. This time
we made 2 - 5 gallon containers so to make up for not having alot of Fels-
Naptha - we also added in some Zote. We weigh it - so if you are not a
good judge of how much is 3 or 4 oz - then weigh it.
I stir the soap on the stove until it melts while my hubby gets the
5 gallon tub ready, & he mixes the ingredients in that.
(if making 2 batches - do one at a time). When the soap
has melted then he pours the soap out of the pot into the container &
I stir it till blended - & folks that is all there is to it! Hubby puts on the
lid tightly - then we let it sit overnight - ready for my sunday washday.
Just be sure the next day when you open it - to stir it up because it gels.
Then dip it into your empty container & put it on the shelf above your
washer. I forgot to add that I also changed my downy to white distilled
vinegar. I put essence oil in that to make it smell nice. Only use a fourth
of a cup or less - as it doesnt take much. The vinegar smell goes away. This rinse
lasts a long time. Have fun!
by Hopblogger

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Lori said...

Cool... I don't mind giving this a try. So funny, you don't have to be a chemist to make a product just an ingredient list is all you need and the right tools. This will be fun indeed.