Friday, January 29, 2010


LARGE pincushion. These pincushions are the easiest & the quickest things to make. I
guess that is why I like to make them or reuse HEARTS. All
you do is stitch & stuff. Decorate it or leave it plain. Judge for yourself if you like
its size or not. I cut out the cotton fabric the size of the plate - but I didn't account for the shrinkage of the fabric once it was stuffed - see how much smaller the cushion is. It is 8 inches across & 3 inches thick. I chose to decorate both sides with 2 different kinds
of cotton doily's. Then, I hand stitched
small cotton lace around the edges - sectioned it off with white cotton floss
& added buttons. Reversibility doubles when each side of the pincushion
is a different color fabric. See the light blue side of the cushion with the
white doily - I was hoping that the effect would look like a flower. This doily is
stitched down onto the fabric. The dark blue fabric on the other side has a old
cream doily that is not stitched down. It is held down with the cotton floss. At this
point I am undecided if I want to fancy them up. Maybe they are too plain.
I dont know, I cannot decide.
by Hopblogger

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