Friday, January 15, 2010


to do & I used a 100% cotton dishtowel. The inside is
cross stitched roses of pink & yellow tied with a
blue bow. I only have a few tiny lace pieces leftover from
my bridal veil. As you can some of the glue has yellowed
which has added to the charm of the little bag. The entire bag when opened is about
10 x 13 and it draws up easily with the ribbons
to about 5 inches. So cute is the small pincushion that is only
2 inches across & is useable from both sides. Each side has the same little
white ribbon rose with green ribbon leaves.
A clothespin holds a wee bit of ribbon & a small wooden spool
with pink ribbon wrapped around it acts as a scissors holder.
Complete with a little fob. I took a wooden needle holder
& glued some dishtowel fabric to it & added little flowers to the top
& bottom.
How cute is the needlecase that is not quite 4 inches long x almost 2 inches
wide when opened. The last photo shows the little bag when closed.
Well, this bag disappeared - who took it??
In the future - I think that I will be making more of these cute little bags.
Try it - I am sure that you will love it too & will want to make more
of them.
by Hopblogger

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