Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Herrschners craft catalog

came into my snail box last week. It is the first magazine that I have ever
received from them. Of course I immediately opened it up & thumbed
through it - loving everything that I saw - as usual.
On page 17 was a very nice 6 drawer walnut floss cabinet for $200.00. Kind of
steep price. So pretty it is......well I cant pay that. Eventually
I put that magazine away & tried to forget about that cute little
floss cabinet. On saturday I went to my grandaughters
house & helped her clean out her room. She gave me back my
mothers jewlry box stating that she would never have
any jewelry to put inside. Hesitantly i brought it back home & put it on
my sewing table - thinking that perhaps
my momma wanted me to have it back.
It was only the following day when I looked thru Herrschners again
that I had a bright idea!!
The first cabinet below is from the magazine & it holds about 75 floss
bobbins in each drawer. The 2cd box has a different
style altogether but that is okay. It is or shall I say
WAS my mothers jewelry chest
& she has owned that box for about 36 to 38 years. In fact I gave it
to her! It was so pretty when it was brand new & all she ever
put inside it was costume jewelry. Anyway the box
is a little beat up & has seen its better days - time for a makeover!
by Hopblogger

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