Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too Late - cannot twiddle my thumbs any longer!

HELLO and Welcome to my blog!!
So, now I have gone and done it - I have taken a giant step forward in the world of the blogs. Henceforth I shall be known to others and to myself as a fellow blogger. My daughter has already taken the liberty upon herself and given to me a new name - "Hopblogger."
Hopblogger has hopes of finding new ideas to put on my blog. Things to remake, remix and/or to reuse, some ideas that have been buzzing in my head lately and perhaps in yours.
I welcome any ideas that anyone would like to share to this blog. Being thrifty in todays economy is what its all about. So, lets all help each other out.
Ladies, I must say that in the 3 weeks that I have blogged, I have came across some beautiful handcrafted items. There is so much talent in the country of Blogland. I hope that all of the ideas on this blog keep you inspired.
Keep crafting, fellow bloggers - and perhaps between all of us we can find new ideas for your crafts!
Chat Bak, Hopblogger

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Khris said...

Welcome to blogland my friend....look forward to see what you have got for us out here...hugs Khris