Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Dreams

makes me smile. I absolutely love its large size & I didnt
expect for it to turn out so nice for a couple of reasons.
My Biscornu is stitched on 14ct cream aida cloth &
uses my favorite color of brown & pink - same colors used
as on my Biscornu called 12 Hearts.
One - by the time I finished the top I was too tired to want
an elaborate back - so as you see it is randomly done.
Two - when I finished I noticed that the 2 pieces were
not the same size so I had to add another row on the back & so
I mixed that up as well on that row by adding pink to the brown.
The size of the biscornu before stitching together was about
4 & 1/2 inches each side.
I am very proud that any of it turned out at all.
This is also my own design of which I forgot to make a pattern
for. Remember it is not symetrical but it doesnt take away
from the beauty of it. Feel free to count the stitches & use
my pattern as a guide - refer to the pics - & change the colors if you like.
Also please say that it is mine & that you got the pattern here
as it is now published & copyrighted. This has turned out so well
that I am going to do more of them. Now I need a matching
Needlebook & Scissors Fob. Dont know when I will get to do that!
Enjoy Stitching!
by Hopblogger

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Lori said...

That is really sweet. But I have to say it.... Not another pin cushion???? Hahaha. :D