Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dont you just

love an easy pincushion. These take only
a few minutes to stitch up. There isn't
any glueing involved. Most of these
shoe pincushions are made with stiffer
old walking baby shoes. Those are adoreable!
But what makes these shoes differ from
the others is that one of these sets is
just crochet baby booties. This white pair
with pink ribbons are for a baby about
6 months old. If your baby has a set of
these crochet booties - just trace
around the bootie & cut out a pattern
from white cardstock. If your sock does
not have any lace on it - just hand stitch
it quickly on with matching thread. Now
insert the pattern inside of the sock,
Put the sock inside of the bootie & start
stuffing. Stuff only up to the edge of the
baby bootie. Cut out a round ball - mine
was from white flannel. Its so soft.
Stuff the round ball hard & just insert it
inside of the sock. Do not push it far
down. Try to keep it soft looking.
For the cute little baby black dress-up
shoes. All you do is stitch up a
pillow from sweet pink thin cotton
& stuff it inside of the shoe. Just make
sure that all of the seams are
stuffed under where you cannot see
them. If for
any reason you want to do something
else with these booties & shoes
then just pull out the pillows &
the round balls. My little embroidery
scissors fit right inside of the shoe.
by Hopblogger

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diamondc said...

These are so positively adorable I love them.
Good work Connie.