Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter White

I am getting there! I was
late putting up my tree. This year
I have dressed it in white with small
touches of red. I did not put an Angel
on the tree. I decided to leave it bare.
I think there are enough ornaments to
keep it busy that you hardly notice
it isn't there.
 This pic was taken at night. I had a hard time
snapping them. Nearly all of them were blurry.
 This pic shows some of my ornaments. There are
white bells with red ribbons, white flowers, white bulbs and white
christmas tree and white snowmen ornies.
I love white or clear lights.And that it the only
ones that I ever use. The packages are wrapped
with christmas paper with red words that say
'Merry Christmas!'
 Only 4 pics took. 2 in the daytime and 2 at night.
I did not decorate the outside of my house this year.
Generally every year I decorate with many wreaths.
I even decorate my little stair bannister. But
this year I got lazy.
Merry Christmas!
Many hugs and kisses to you all.


La Reyes said...

Hola! precioso tu arbol de NAVIDAD, MERRY CRISTMAS para ti tambien, un beso desde Barcelona. Reyes.

Marlene said...

very simple and very effective, love the look.

Tatkis said...

Such a beautiful Christmas tree! Ornaments look so lovely!


Akila said...

Your tree is so beautiful and elegant. Love the all-white theme. Merry Christmas to you