Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Biscornu Pattern - FLOWER MEDLEY

Titled Flower Medley.
I have not stitched this pattern
yet. I have double checked
for errors - so let me know
if you find one so I can correct it.
The pattern can be stitched any
way that you like.
When I created Flower Medley
I had intentions of stitching all of the
flowers on top of small sequins.
However it is your decision if
you choose to use the medium size
or the big ones.
A sequin also goes in the center under
your pearl or crystal or whatever you
decide to use in the middle.
Add the sequins to both sides or'leave
them out.
Have a wonderful day stitching!
Many hugs & kisses sent your way,


diamondc said...

Cute pattern a must for my work basket it will be in line to do.

Tatkis said...

So glad to see you back Conny!
Lovely pattern!