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Hello Ya'll
Hope everyone has been well.
I have been meaning to make this tutorial for quite
awhile now, but things kept getting in the way.
A while back I bought a lovely linen skirt. I just could
not resist this beautiful linen skirt from Chaps.
I bought this white lovely skirt from the thrift
store. It is 100% linen. These linen skirts
run about 3 to $4 at my thrift store. It is a steal
at that price!!! Just make sure to buy a skirt
that does not have any stains and buy a big skirt!
Sorry ladies, no pun intended.
And wash or dry clean them first before using!
Yea - I know that you will do that.

I know that I have said it
many times, please do not get tired of listening to
me say it. BUT I LOVE LINEN!! Especially
white, blue or pinks!!
This time I am going to take this long lovely skirt
and make 2 SHABBY APRONS!! The idea here
is to make each Apron different. These would make
This particular linen skirt that I am using says to Dry
Clean. I will wash it because I do not care if it shrinks
a little. It will have to learn that I will wash it in my
washer or hand wash it. It is just an apron so there is
not any need to get picky with it.
Just have fun!
Also this skirt had a side zipper, so look for that if
you are going to make 2 aprons. Which 2 aprons
are more economical and price thrifty!
Make one for yourself and a friend.

The only materials needed is a large linen skirt,
sewing machine, matching thread, lots of cotton lace.
This is Apron 1. It has only a center pocket.
Still Apron 1, just a close up.  

The back of Apron 1. Shows ties.

This is Apron 2. Not a good photo
I admit. This Apron has 2 pockets. Sorry
that the photo and the next 2 photos are
a little blurry.

Both pockets are aligned side
by side leaving a few inches
between them.

Hopefully a better view of the bottom.
There are 6 rows of cotton lace
sewed to the bottom.

This is my white skirt showing the tag.

The lining which was slinky showed the Dry Cleaning
STEP 1 - is to turn the skirt inside out and cut out
the slinky underskirt. Be sure to cut close to the stitching
of the waste band - BUT DO NOT CUT THE WASTEBAND
or you are in trouble!! (chuckle)

STEP 2. Now, turn the skirt right side out and place it on your
table. Smooth it out so there is not any wrinkles
on it. Then place an existing simple
 apron on top of the skirt making sure there are
not any wrinkles. If you notice you will see that
my blue band on this old apron top aligns with the
waste band on the white linen skirt.

STEP 3. Now, follow your old apron and
cut the sides all the way to the top of the skirt.
If you notice I cut my apron bigger than my
old apron. I like them a little roomier and not so
form fitting. Also I did not touch the hem area.
Leave it hemmed. If the skirt is a little longer,
then that's okay. Now you should have
2 APRONS cut out.

STEP 4 - these are the sides left from cutting the
white aprons out of the skirt. DO NOT THROW
You will need to use these sides for ties.

STEP 5. For your neck and waste ties.
Take one of the sides above and leave it
folded. On the outside edge cut strips 2 or 2.5 inches
wide down the long length. Cut 6 strips. Repeat
this for the next side and cut 6 more strips. These
6 strips are for the other apron.

STEP 6. I took 2 strips and sewed them together, one
on top of the other. NO HEMMING. See how I sewed
them together. I sewed twice so that nothing would
unravel. Repeat this step again. These are your waste
bands. They need to be longer. The other 2 strips are
for the neck.
Now, repeat this STEP for the ties for the next apron
if you are making 2.

STEP 7. Now I know you cannot see it on the above
photo, but I did just run a running stitch down the
length of each tie so the sides would not ravel any
further than the stitching.
 Now, lets look at the waste band of the skirt which
should be the top of your apron.

STEP 8. Your waste band should open like this on
both sides.

STEP 9. Just slip in one of the ties.

STEP 10.Start at the top of the apron and sew
down all the way to the bottom of the skirt.

STEP 11. See I sewed all the way down to the
bottom. NOW, REPEAT STEPS 9 AND 10
for the other tie.

STEP 12. For the first Apron, (no photo,
sorry). I cut one pocket out of one of the existing
white sides of my skirt. Remember those
sides. This pocket is cut on one of those
seams. This pocket is big. Try your apron on,
and see where you would like to put a pocket
or look at your existing apron and put the pocket
in the same place. I pinned my pocket down
where I wanted it I did not turn under the sides.
Remember these Aprons are shabby!

The photo of the Apron is a little
more straighter. I hope you can see it

STEP 13. Now just sew the pocket down. Do not
worry about any hems. Just do not break your
sewing machine needle while sewing over the

See, all done.

STEP 14. Sorry, I forgot a photo for the neck ties.
Just run a seam down the length of each tie so as
they do not unravel any further than the seam.
Then position them where you want them. Look
at your existing Apron to get an idea of where
to place them. Also hold the Apron up to you
to get an idea. Once you know where you want
the neck ties, then sew them down on the under-
side of the top of the Apron. Do not turn under any
seam - just sew it down!!
If you choose you can
sew these ties on the front of your Apron and
add a button for cuteness!!!!
Then take the ends of the ties and tie a bow!!!

Now, since you have finished the first Apron, you
will be much faster sewing the second Apron.
To make the Aprons different, all I added was
white cotton lace that I have had for years.
I cut 2 pockets from the left-over
side of the white skirt. Cut any size that
you want allowing that your skirt has enough
fabric for you. If you need to, use the seams like I did
when cutting out your pockets. Before sewing the pocket to this
Apron, all I did was sew a strip of this white lace
to the top of the pocket. Pin the pockets down
onto your Apron where you want, spacing them a
few inches apart. Again do not turn the pockets
under for a hem unless you want to.
After you sew on your neck ties like is stated above.
Then just add a strip of cotton lace
to the top of the Apron.
Place the lace on the hem of the waste band
that is located at the top of the Apron. Do not
turn under for a hem unless you want to. Add
as many layers of lace as you want. I only
added one strip.
At the bottom of this Apron - I added 6
rows of cotton lace. I did not turn under any of the
lace for a hem. Just start each lace strip at
one end of the Apron and sew to the other
side. Cut it. For the next lace strip position
the lace strip a little above the other lace
strip and sew down like before. Sew as many
lace strips as you want.

I hope you make these Aprons. They
turn out very pretty!!

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Conny: Thank-you for the great tutorial, it looks very simple to do.
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