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Hello everyone!
I hope you all are well. I have been
super busy this week. My granddaughter Elise
and my grandson Cohen have both graduated
within a few days of each other.
Hopefully now things can get back to normal.

Jen Kerstin has a website called
Store Business Hours. Take a look at this
site and see if you can use it. It looks pretty
handy to me!
Also take a look at her Fit and Fab site. There
is some good information in here.
Ahhh Pillowshams! Some of them are so
lovely. There are many kinds of styles and colors
out there to choose from.
But, I bet that you already have 1 or 2 sets of
pillow shams just sitting on your linen shelf!
Keep in mind that for this project that you can
also use a piece of an old quilt! That would be
lovely, but just remember perhaps this bag
holder will get a lot of washing. If you are a
clean freak, then do not use anything that
is delicate. Use that fabric or quilt piece,
or any laces for a more fragile project.
Please read all of these directions because
I see that I have left out a photo when it comes
to how I attached the loops for hanging.
You can refer to tutorials from other blogs on
how to attach loops.
On this project I am not concerned with beauty.
I am all about functional and not so much fu-fu
when it comes to this sort of craft.
However, on these bags you can decorate them
up if you wish. The choice is up to you.
Materials needed:
1. Pillow sham (1 or 2)
2. Strings to use for loops to hang.
3. Sewing needle and quilt thread (optional)
4. Straight pins for pinning
5. Sewing machine
As you can see there are 2 styles.
One style has the traditional pull-out
on the bottom and the other is sewed
They are super easy to make!
My pillow shams are old and are full-size.
If you would like longer and wider to hold
mounds of plastic bags then use queen and
king size shams.
Believe me, these full-size shams are about
22 inches wide X 28 inches long.
These are big!
So, have fun and decorate them up however
you wish!
I will be starting with the bag holder on the
left that has the opening at the bottom to
pull-out the bags. These bags hang in my
Here are my 2 pillow shams that I am using.
The great thing about using pillow shams is that the
inside of the bag holders are lined.
First thing you do is cut off the tags.
Next lay out one pillow sham on your table. Straighten
up lining and pin down the lining. It is okay if your pins, pin
through to the design side. Make sure everything
is straight.
To sew the lining. I always hand sew it closed. It
does not take long at all to hand stitch it. You can
 machine sew this down if you like. I do not
like to see the stitching on the pretty design side, that
is why I hand stitch it closed.  You do what you like
for the design.
I save a lot of things and sometimes it is a few years
before I find a use for it. That is the case with this
cute string that I pulled out of a pair of bad pajamas.
This tie or string is a little stretchy and when I
stretched it - it became a yard in length.
Well, that was what I needed so this is what I used.
Once the lining stitching is completed, then the
rest goes pretty quickly! Fold the pillow sham
lengthwise with the design in the middle. As you
can see by this photo, the blue checked is my selvage
Old pillow shams can become a little stretchy over
time because you are putting pillows in and out of them.
So, just put those edges together the best that you
can and stitch down the length.
(sew at least an inch away from the stitched seams
because they are bulky. So stitch about an inch
away from those seams and you should be okay).
Be sure to back stitch all seams at the beginning of the tube and
the end of the tube.
See, how I did it here. Remember these pillow shams
stretch. Do the best that you can on stitching.
Do not stress.
Now turn the long tube to the right side so you can
see the design. This is the back of my bag holder. I
am not worried about the checks lining up - this is
just a bag holder.
Do not stress it.
It is hard to believe that these ties when stretched
equal a yards length. Now, take those ties and cut
them equally into 4ths. I only needed 3, but if you
like the gathered bag more than you will use all
4 ties. I did not hem any of the ties.
If you zoom into this photo and look at the upper
right hand corner you will see where a tie is already
tied on.
Sorry about this photo. I took it plenty of times
and this is the best picture that I had. I hope that
it does not hurt your eyes too much. There is no
bow on this tie. I tied it in a knot. Just try to note
how far that
In tying the knot take a tie and wrap it around the
upper part of the bag holder at least 2.5 inches down.
There is a lot of bulk here. The tighter you tie the
string will give you a smaller opening. So this is
left up to your discretion.
Tie the tie around the
bulk and tie into a knot.
With your fingers arrange
the gathers to give you a hole for the inside.
When that is finished to your liking, go to the
open side. This is where you put the bags in. Refer
to my first picture to see that there is nothing done
to the top.
For loops: take another string and this is how I sew
it down. I place the string at the top, one side of
the loop on the open side of the seam and sew it
down. Then I make sure that the string is straight.
I then sew down the other side of the string to the
inside of the seam on the other side. If you do not
understand what I am trying to say. It is okay,
just sew it down like a potholder.
I have used plastic bags as trash bags, since they first came out
with these type of bag holders. I have never bought
a trash bag in 18 years or so. My trash is always taken out
daily. We always double up the bags because sometimes
there are holes in the bottom of the bags. So I have
never liked getting rid of my plastic bags. Sometimes
my grocery shopping is erratic and many years ago
I found myself running a little low on plastic bags.
I have a plastic bin in the garage that holds my excess
plastic bags should I run low.
I like how my cabinet stays clean like this all
the time.
The other side stays clean also.
the long seam as in the first bag you have made.
At the bottom instead of ties, simply make sure that
the seam is in the middle. Line up the edges and sew
across from edge to edge.
As you see here. Again do not worry about the seam.
It hardly shows on the outside. Turn the bag to the
right side and poke out those corners.
As you can see with the 2cd bag holder, the only
difference between the 2 of them is at the bottom.
My preference is the bag holder on the right.
To make a bag this big to me, does not require
an opening at the bottom.
Have fun.
Thank you for visiting me!

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