Saturday, November 6, 2010

Santa Moon

This is the beginning post for NIGHTCAPS.
This label is reserved for
small cross stitch items that you stitch
while riding in the car with someone,
waiting at doctors office's
or just before you retire for the night. It doesn't
matter how long that it takes to complete these
small projects - just that you do. I just
love these small Stitch-n-hang ornament,
greeting card kits. This one is called 'SANTA MOON'.
They are easy &
quick and this kit had never been opened.
This is first kit that I encountered that
some thread was missing. And I didn't catch the
mistake until after I finished it. Normally I never take
any of these small kit threads & sort them out. Mainly because
there is never alot of threads. Mostly you can see them at a glance.
It never dawned on me to make
sure all the threads were there. Well, the light blue thread
was not there and so I accidentally stitched it in the
medium blue not giving the lighter blue color another
thought. What was I thinking? Anyway that was the only
trouble I had with this kit. And you know me I will not pull
out that mistake. I will only work with it the best that I can.
It will have to be really bad for me to pull out those stitches.
So, dont you agree - its not a big deal.
I didn't back stitch the entire piece. I didnt want to make any of
the greenery stand out. Also I almost forgot. I stitched
the blue cap a little further down than intended & I left out those
white dots. But all in all its not too bad. Unless you
have the pattern you are not going to see any of the mistakes anyhow.
I hope you like Santa Moon.
by Hopblogger

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