Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween is upon us

Happy Halloween!
Its coming closer.
Eyes are still blurry. Most of you are probably
wondering how does all of this get posted if my eyes
are blurry. Thank goodness for my daughter.
She has been helping me tremendously! She takes me
everywhere I need to go and then some.
Thanks so much!
This week I have more patterns for you.
Here are some more Halloween Freebies. I hope you like
them. They are all quick and easy. You can finish them
in no time at all.
Feel free to change the colors
This first one is titled 'Ghostly Pumpkins'.
This one is called 'Give me all your candy'. It is a
small trick or treater. His hands are in his pumpkin
suit - so just pop the candy in his mouth.
 This one is 'Hats off'.  Notice that the wiches do not want
to take them off.
 'Just Plain Wicked' is stitched in DMC 606 Bright
Orange. Stitch this if you feel wicked!
 'Stick Witch Ellen' is more of a young modern witch.
But dont thing she is so sweet. She will put a hex on you.
Many stitching hugs
by hopblogger

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Tatkis said...

Thank you so much for those Halloween patterns and for the Halloween mood :)