Friday, November 11, 2011

Double Decker Floss Bobbin

I have taken many spins around the internet
looking for this floss bobbin. And I cannot find
it anywhere so I am still hoping that it is safe
to put on this blog. If not then Please
tell me and I will gladly remove it.

These floss holders are a little glittery or super
shiny. You can cut it out of cardboard, wood or
whatever you want to use.
However take a good
look at the meat trays. You know when you
buy your meat at the grocery store and
they put your hamburger on one of those
white or black meat trays - then they wrap
it up in plastic wrap with the price on top
and hand it to you. Those are the meat trays
that I am talking about. These floss bobbins
remind me of those meat trays!
Or you can use thin
foam from the craft store but the foam is not
glittery like this floss bobbin. 
These floss bobbins are thin and
I cannot remember
if those meat trays are thin or thick. But I
guess it would not matter.  The thick might be much
more sturdier.
Anyway, I cannot stress enough about using
those meat trays cause they are FREE with
your meat!

You should be able to cut out
at least 2 of these floss bobbins from each
meat tray, if you use them.
If you use wood or a heavy cardboard
then line them up side by side, and cut out with
scissors or a saw. Stain or paint the wood,
or cover them with fabric using glue.
However I do not think that glue and fabric
will work if you use the meat trays. Make
them as pretty as you like or keep them
plain - the choice is yours.

Use a hole
puncher to make the hole at the top.
Cut slits on the sides so that your
threads or your ribbons etc can slide
into those slits to lock in place.

Please do not be intimidated. These
floss holders are super simple!!

Click click to print it out.
On these next 3 photo's are the measurements of
the double decker floss holder.

Wrap your ribbons around it or your small rick-rack.
I am sure that you can find lots of uses for this
bobbin besides floss. Would love to see a photo
if you use this.
Thanks for visiting me. Come back soon.

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Craftland said...

Hello Connie, this is a very good recycling idea. Thank you
Hugs from Craftland