Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunbonnet Thimble Holder

Have you ever visited the website
Well they have really cute needlebook
photo's with patterns free for your use.
Some of them are so darling. For a while
now I had been looking at the 1936 pattern
of the Sunbonnet Needlecase. For most of us
we remember the Sunbonnet quilts. I made
some of those in my time and gave them away.
Take a look at this Sunbonnet Needlebook.
Hey - I do admit being a CHEATER. If there is
anyway that I can make it in 5 minutes then I
am happy. This Sunbonnet belonged to a doll
that had a very pretty matching dress and
accessories. This Sunbonnet is not very big.
In fact it only measures about 3.5 X 3.5 inches.
On the inside I glued a piece of felt to the bonnet
to hold needles. However I mainly wanted the little
bonnet to hold thimbles.As you can see I have about
4 of them in this bonnet. It can hold more than that.
 If you want one of the Sunbonnet Needlebooks - you
could always find a larger doll that had a bigger
bonnet and convert it. It would be fast and east. You
could also add the little pouch to hold scissors, threads, etc.
But mine was too small to hold those items.
I think that I will put the rest of my thimbles inside
the little Sunbonnet.
I hope that you will think about the Sunbonnets
to hold some of your sewing supplies.
Have a great day and Thanks for visiting me!