Monday, April 23, 2012

A Crochet Hook Organizer

Hello Everybody. I hope
that you all have been well.

I would like to welcome my
new followers. I hope that you
enjoy my blog.

I made a Crochet Hook Organizer
for my daughter Peps friends mother.
Linda makes baby blankets and donates them
to her church. They either sell them or give
them away to needy babies. I am not sure which.
Crochet Organizers can be elaborate or simple.
I choose to make it simple and fast. I could
not cut off the threads because I was concerned
about cutting the material so Linda will have
to cut them off herself.
I also decided to make
the little organizer out of recycled clothes.
The light yellow color is made from a baby
blanket and the outside is from an
embroidered shirt. The inside floral pattern
with the rickrack
is from a childs dress. I also bought some
new hooks in case she needs them.
Pep and I were playing Rummy. She was
beating me! Lol's
The front of the Organizer.
 The baqck of the Organizer.
 The inside of the Organizer with the flap
down to cover the hooks.
 There is a little pincushion that is just a piece
of simple material. Beneath the crochet hooks is a
wide section where Linda can store a pair of
scissors or anything else that she wants.
 The back of the organizer.
Thanks for visiting me!
Many hugs and kisses sent your way,


Eliana said...

Beautiful, Conny! I loved it!

Maria Ireland said...

Fantastic idea it looks great well done.
Hugs Maria

Tatkis said...

Great idea Conny! Wonderful organizer!