Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello Everyone! How have you been?

First I would like to welcome all of my
new followers. Sorry that I have not
posted lately - as you can see I still
have not gotten my eyes back. Yes -
they are still healing. And it is going
along very, very slowly!!

This week - there is no picture.

Sweet Akila of Mostly Cross Stitch - (her
blog here:
has kindly tagged me.
Thank you Akila.

Here are the rules:
1. Post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you
in their post.
3. Come up with new questions.
4. Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
5. Let them know you tagged them so
they can answer the questions.

Here are the answers to Akila's questions that
she asked of me.
1. I have not tried many of the finishing
techniques. They are very pretty but I am a
woman that tries to keep everything simple
and quick.
2. My crafts vary from day to day and year to
year as does my interest in them. I try to remake
things over, mix them up and or reuse my
everyday objects into functional pieces - not
just for show.
3. No I have never participated in exchanges or Sal's.
It is something that I would like to do - have just
not gotten around to it yet.
4. If we are talking about cross-stitch. Well I have
not done any of that since I got my eyes fixed.
I am looking forward to stitching again. I cannot
say how many other craft projects get finished
in a year because most of my efforts are
being put into my miniature blog.
5.  Michaels or A.C.Moore because they are in
my area.
6. I never change the floss in any of the kits. On
occasion I do change other things to suit my
style and colors.
7. When I stitch I like it quiet. This way I can
stitch faster with nothing is taking my attention
away from what I am doing.
8. Before surgery on my eyes - cross stitch
followed me everywhere I went - including doctors
visits, airports or my sisters house.
I always keep a small kit in my purse. They
work up fast.
9. I have not worked on JUST beading projects.
My beads get used in other things.
10. I used to be able to stitch 20 to 30 hours
a week. Now that time is filled up with my
miniatures and glueing.
11. I have visited one country. I have to visit
other countries before I can say which is my

Okay - now I have to give a list of questions to
those people whom I have tagged. Here goes.

1. What was the first craft or stitching
project that you ever
started and finished? Name that item.
2. How many years have you been
crafting or stitching? And who was the
lucky recepient to receive the item.
3. When you stitch or craft anything -
and make a boo-boo - do you finish it
or throw it away?
4. How many projects do you start
and never finish?
5. Out of all the crafts and stitching that there
is - do you have a favorite?
6. What do you do with all of the stitching
and craft projects that you finish. Do you
give them away, store them in a drawer, or use
7. How bad is your creative room?
8. If you have a room just for yourself to
create or to stitch in. Does that room only
hold those supplies or does it hold a mish-
mash of other things that do not get used?
9. Are you a pack-rat?
10. Is your creative room neat and orderely or
haphazard and disorderely?
11. What is your favorite book or magazine?

Well, I tried to think of a couple of more
questions but I lost there. Here are the ladies
that I tagged.

1. Catherine of DiamondC.
2. Marlene of Poppy Patchwork.
3. Lori Bei Durst of Rachel and Pia's Cottage
4. Eliana of Terra Dos Gigantes (Land of the
5. Faith of Faithfully Stitching.
6. Chris P's Mini's and More.
7. Tatyana of Mouse House.
8. Vicky of Kiwi-crafters.
9. Rita of Stitchdays.
10. Terri at RosyStitches.
11. Carmen of mi pequena evasion
(my little escape)

Now all I have to do is notify them. God
bless you all!
Thank you visiting me!


Tatkis said...

It's a fun game :) I'll try to find some time and answer your questions!


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