Monday, July 30, 2012

Plastic Containers can get expensive!

Hello Everyone! How are you
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Yea - how many of you want and try to
organize your crafts only to find that the
containers are expensive. If you need alot of
them they can get pricey.
Today I want you to take a good look
at these kinds of plastic containers.  I do not know
if you use them but I surely do. They are good
1 pound containers to use in your sewing and
craft rooms or just about anywhere you need them.
 I wash and dry them although their insides never
get dirty because the ham is placed in plastic wrap.
The cardboard top comes off easily and the glue
residue also peels off so easy.
 I use these plastic bins for my mini sewing projects
as well as for storing little stuff that has no home.
I have been collecting these and using them all over
my home.
Store fingernail polish and other supplies in them and
store under your bathroom sink. Use one for just
cotton balls or Q-tips.
You can store beads, lace, bobbins, thread spools in
them. You name it and you can use these over and
over again. And if the plastic ever breaks which I am sure
it probably will - just go buy some more ham.
This size has been around for awhile and there are
other sizes also.
Now thats what I call a good buy - great tasting
ham and a project container to boot!!
Now this plastic container is a great deal!
I already have 14 of these plastic containers in use
in my craft area alone. Store your food left overs in them.
Also when my daughter eats over
and wants to take some good yummy food home with
her then she uses one or several of these to put the food in.
You never have to worry if you do not get the container
back. If you use these already let me know what
you are using yours for!
Thank you for visiting me!


Rosamargarita said...

una idea fantástica!
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificaci├│n

Maria Ireland said...

Fantastic idea :) Thank you for sharing.
Hugs Maria

Logan J. Skew said...

Nice blog, thanks for sharing

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