Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Sewing Machine cover made from Pillow Shams!

I made my friend Catherine
over at "I Love To Stitch", a
sewing machine with a
matching serger cover!
I really do like how it has turned
out and I hope that she does also.
Let me tell you how this is made.
This is EASY PEASY!!!
2 Shabby Chic full size Pillow Shams, a little
bit of lace, ribbon ties, 3 buttons and
a little bit of flannel for the letters!
Further down I tell you how to make it.
This is what the first pillow sham looks like as
a finished Sewing Machine cover, without the pink letters
that say the name of her blog. you can see the pink
letters on the 3rd photo. This sham was not
cut in any way. The sides were not sewed together.
They remain open with just pretty sheer pink
ribbons to tie it on. Neither did I hem any of the
lace on the sides. Again hope for it to look shabby.
 I did not cut any of the second pillow sham. The Serger Cover is
stitched up on both sides. I was not sure of the height
of her Serger so I am including some of the lace so
she can stitch it to the bottom, just in case it is
a little short. I think that the width of this cover is
okay and should fit her Serger.
I hope Catherine likes this. I tried to make it
Shabby. I just drew out the letters on paper and cut
them out. Then I traced them onto fabric and pinned
the letters where I wanted them. I want the letters
to eventually fray to make it more shabby.
Here is a picture of what the pillow shams look like.
Hold the pillow sham up against your machine and
see which side looks best against it. If you need more
width then just turn the sham lengthwise. Otherwise
just fold the sham in half and there you have a
front and a back. Choose which side you like
best to be the front side.
Turn over the pillow sham and give some small
stitches to stitch down the inside opening. I hand stitched
this closed because I did not want any machine
stitching to show on the front side of the sham. I
like how this gives an automatic lining to the covers.
I hope that you are able to see it.
I hand stitched the lace to the backside. Add lace
or ruffles to give the sham height.
I have not shown you where to stitch on the ties.
That is left to your discretion. I placed my ties
about halfway down and hand stitched them on.
Adding multiple ties on each side, would be so cute.
After the ties are on - then decorate the top
of the shams if you wish.
I forgot to take a photo of how the shams look
on a sewing machine and a serger. Perhaps
Catherine will show you. However I did
place the sham on top of my machine to
make sure it would hopefully fit her machine.
I have a couple more full size pillow shams. Next week, I will
make them up and show you what those look like
on my machine and serger.
Catherine - I hope to get these in the mail to
you later this week. There is an additional
surprise coming with these covers!
I sure do hope that you will use this idea!
Thank you for visiting me.
Many smiles, Conny


Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Preciosa !!!

Hopblogger said...

I tried to keep these but Connie said, "You deserved them because you are sweet". These are gorgeous!


diamondc said...

Conny: I am in tears, wow what a beautiful finish on the sewing machine cover, I love shabby chic, the colors are the sasme as my sewing room, you are a beautiful angel, thank-you for making such a beautiful gift.
I was on a much needed vacation for two weeks, I will email you this afternoon.

Love lots