Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hello Everyone!
These sewing machine and serger machine covers
are super easy!!
I made a set for Catherine and forgot to show you
what they look like. Catherine's covers were
Shabby Chic. These that I made for my sewing machine
and serger are a country patchwork.
These are SUPER SIMPLE! One pillow sham gives
you a front and a back. I can use either side that I want
for the front side. I sewed lace on the bottom of both
edges. I had a pink silk bow with a matching silk
flower that was in my craft box. I had taken these
from a dress that I cut apart many, many years ago.
The pink silk bow  is safety pinned on.
The other side of the pillow sham has the pink silk
flower on it. I did not sew this one either - just pinned
it on there with a large safety pin.
I have had these ties for eons. They came from
shopping store bags. I am glad that I was able
to use these here.
I wonder though if I should have kept
the blue strings together and the white
strings together. Nah - I think that I like
this look.
See how fast this cover was to make!!
This is the serger machine cover. It is also
reversible. I am not sure if I like this look or not.
I will have to think about it. Perhaps I open up the
sides and add more ties on the sides. I am looking
for a flower or something to dress it up some.
Pick you out some pretty shams that you are not using.
I have had these for years.
Turn the pillow sham to the inside and either
machine sew or hand sew it closed.
This is what mine looks like. Now you are finished
here. Just add your ties and decorate the front and
I hope you enjoy doing this project!
Thank you for visiting me

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