Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I have been quilting!

Hello everyone!
As usual I have been so busy. So much
to do at home and with grandchildren.
Well - I must tell you my good news!
My granddaughter is going to have
my first great-grandchild. Due  the Fist of December!
I am still in shock, somewhat. However
in the next few weeks I must get busy
making baby blankets and other stuff.
I have made a few cross stitch patterns,
but I am at a loss as to what to do since
Picnik closed! I need to find something
similar to this to name the patterns.
Does anyone know of one that is FREE!
Also, I have a problem with Google!
It is not allowing me to follow anyone.
I know there are plenty of people that
are also having this problem. I have
tried to follow 8 people so far and I
am getting frustrated with Google
not letting me follow.
I am beginning to wonder if perhaps
being a follower on Pinterest and
those other nice things is creating
the mess-up!
I never had any problem until I started
doing this.
Perhaps I will get off of all of this
stuff and see if that is the problem!
Anyway, I thought that I would show
you the FLYING GEESE quilt that
I have been hand quilting. This is an
old quilt that I started about 5 years
ago. Pep has also helped me to quilt it.
I am working on the pretty blue sashes
and then after that I will quilt the navy blue
borders. I have been taking my time
hand quilting it.
Thank you for visiting me and listening to my
Google troubles!
Take care, Hopblogger

1 comment:

diamondc said...

Conny: Congratulations on becoming a Great Grandma, we call my Mother GG for short she is also a great Grandma but for many years now, I love your quilt the colors are so vibrant, do you enter into your state fair? if not maybe you should try.
I am stitching my fingers off.
I will write soon.