Friday, April 29, 2011

A Southern Belle

This lovely pattern is featured in the Cross Stitch
magazine Oct-Nov 1991. The designer is Darla
Fanton. She has placed 2 Southern Belle patterns
in this issue. I changed the color that she had listed
because I didnt want it to be that dark. The color
I chose is DMC 334. You know what I did. I was so
anxious to start on this pattern that I mistakenly cut
11ct Aida instead of the regular 14ct. I stitched half
of the pattern before I realized that mistake. Oh well.
Anyway the pattern is going to get really close to the
edges.....  Thats a scary thought. But as long as it fits
then I wont worry about it. Its going to be bigger than
I want however I can live with that also. 
This pattern has been quick to stitch up
so far. I hope that tree is the same. You know  these
days I just have to make mistakes.
Everything went okay until I started stitching up the tree.
I must have gotten tired at that point. The moral of this
story is - dont stitch when you are sleepy.
by Hopblogger


Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Its stunning! so beautiful in its simplicity. cant wait to see how it looks finished

Marlene said...

I love the colour, I think it's better just one colour, you look at the whole piece. We all get bad days when we do silly things

La Reyes said...

Muy bonito tu trabajo, muy romántico, me recuerda "LO QUE EL VIENTO SE LLEVÓ", me encanta es mi película favorita. Aquí el 1 mayo es el día de la madre, FELICIDADES!!

diamondc said...

Connie: I love the color you chose its very pretty.
I also did take another look at your biscornu on the freebie gallery its so springy and cute.
I just love it.