Monday, May 23, 2011

Glittery Purple Blooming

This is the second Purple Blooming that I have made
since giving the first Biscornu to Tatyana of Mouse
House.  I am always experimenting on what next to
do with a Biscornu. This time Purple Blooming is
glowing! I hope you can see the glitter along the purple seams.
The photos do not show the full impact of the bicornu.
 As on the first Purple Blooming Biscornu - I used a
Swarvoski Pearl. Again I have used the same pearl.
However this time I have put the glitter on top of the
pearl to give it a sun-look. Glitter also decorates
the top of the yellow x's. I dont know if you can see
the glitter in this photo.
 But the yellow x's glow here! I have also
added another magnet to the inside.
 Again for the back I glittered the Swarvoski Pearl.
I used yellow glitter glue for the front and the back.
This Biscornu has turned
out so pretty with the glitter glue. There are about 8
color pens to choose from. I decided on yellow because there
was yellow in the biscornu. You just wouldnt believe
how pretty it looks.  This one was suppose to be mine - however
I gave this Biscornu to Linda. When she saw it she loved
the way it glittered! Enjoy the Biscornu Linda.
I will make me another one. There isnt any telling what
I do with that one.
by conny


Tatkis said...

This one looks beautiful!
But mine biscornu is better! Why? Because I can cuddle it anytime :)))


La Reyes said...

es precioso, y esta hecho a la perfección, que tengas buena semana, besos de Barcelona!