Monday, May 30, 2011

What is this!

What is this - you ask! This is a toothbrush holder.
Ooh - La - La makes it. They made companions for
this holder but I never bought them. I am sorry now
that I didnt. I am always on the look-out for the
makings of a new SCISSOR HOLDER!
 The top of the holder is a hat! I like the colors of
black, pink, white and a little bit of green. Looks
a little bit romantic. Most of all its girly and I like that!
 On this photo I was trying to get you a better look
at the design on the bottom. That didnt work.
 It came from K-mart. I wonder if they have any more
of Ooh - la - la.
 See it works great! It doesnt even tip over. This is
so cute - this is a keeper!
Start looking at those toothbrush holders.
You might have something as cute as this one
lurking under your bathroom cabinet thats
just sitting there!
by conny


Svetta said...

Отличная идея!

Tatkis said...

That device looks great! And very useful for scissors :)


La Reyes said...

Hola! super original y muy bonito, tus tijeras estaran encantadas. un beso desde Barcelona!