Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The idea of Potholder

Scissor Cases is not a new idea. I dont know who
started it - but it makes a great scissor case. I couldnt
find a tutorial on how to make these. But I am sure
there is one out there - I just cant find it.
If you think about it - see if your rotary cutter
will fit in one of these. These potholders will be holding
2 scissors in 2 separate pockets. So in case
you cant find a tutorial either - I have given some directions
on how to make them.
This is so easy that you probably dont need my
directions however for those that do - here it goes.
 Gather you up some potholders. I think that any
size will work. Just keep in mind the the smaller
the potholder - then its use would be for small scissors.
The bigger the potholder is for the bigger scissors.
 The 2 flowered potholders are 7 inches square.
The white potholder is a little under 7 inches square.
The purple potholder is 5.5 inches X 6 inches. None of
these measurements include the loops.
 Basically the first thing that you have to do is to
fold the left side into the middle. Just place your
scissors on the inside to see if they fit - but keep
holding it.
 If it feels good to you, then finger press the left
side down. Now fold over the right side down
onto the left side and make sure that the bottom
of the potholder comes to a point. You dont want a
shart point - just a pretty point.
Place a few pins on it to hold it together. Thread
your sewing needle with good thread that matches
the potholder. I use Candle wicking yarn so my needle
is a little fat.
 If you felt like it you could glue this down but I prefer
to stitch it in case I want to reuse it later. With your
threaded needle start at the top of the fold and stitch
down the length of the potholder.
 When you get down to the bottom just pause for
a couple of seconds. Finger press and knot off the
 Place your scissors inside of the little pocket to make
sure that they fit like you want them to. My scissors
do not fit properly so I have to anchor some stitches
beside the hanging loop.
 Now fold over the right side onto the left side &
try to make it pretty. Finger press it closed.
 Start at the bottom where the point is. Place your
knot on the inside. Start stiching that point closed.
 Keep holding it closed & continue stitching up.
 Once you get close to the top of the flap. Then stop.
At this point you can stitch straight up to the point
of the flap OR you can fold this piece down & hold
it down with your finger to stitch a little open flap.
On this white potholder I decided to stitch all the way
up to the point of the flap.
 Even though you cannot see the little scissors - the
scissor fob lets you know that there are a pair of
small scissorrs tucked inside. If you use a white
potholder you can decorate it with cross stitch,
yo-yo's or any kind of trim that you would like.
I have decided to leave mine simple & bare.


diamondc said...

Connie: What a great idea the pot holders are a fantastic idea, I am sitting in a Dunn Brothers coffee shop in Alexandria Minn.
I wanted to catch up on my blogging, I went here first and what do I see but another great project by the multi tallented Connie, I want to be like you.

Blessings to you my friend

glor said...

What a great idea. I'm now on the lookout for potholders!

Faith... said...

Connie, I LOVE your scissor case! What a great idea ;) Now to go find some pretty potholders!!