Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Mother and Daughter Collaboration!

Hello Everyone!
As a Christmas present to my sister Lori
from my daughter Pep and
I, we collaborated on a Dog Wallhanging
or a little lap quilt.
Me, thinks that I have a little quilter in
my midst!
This little dog quilt was made because Lori
loves Terriors. She has had 2 of them. One that
died about 4 years ago from cancer and a dog now
that she owns names Grissom. Grissom is so sweet.
The colorful binding and colorful sashes were
created from Grissom's bandana's. Everytime
he went to the groomers, he came back with a
pretty bandana. The bright colors just enhanced
the black linen.
Here is the finished quilt. The sashes and borders
are black linen and so is the back fabric.
I hand stitched the outside borders and binding while Pep
stitched the colorful sashes and inside blocks and borders.
The bandana's were cut on the bias so the fabrics were
stretchy. I did the best that I could in trying to make
them straight and sew down even. However the quilt
is still lovely!
A close up of some of the bones and dog paws that
she hand stitched. So cute!!! Pep even made the
tiny stencils for the bones and paws.
Here is the cutest Terrior dog patch that I have ever
seen. Look at the lovely small stitches that Pep
appliqued the dog down with. The stitches are even
and just as they should be. Hey, that's a wonderful
job you did there, Pep!!
Here is the little quilt in it's binding stage.
The back linen with Pep's and mine hand stitching
along with the binding sewed on.
The little quilt all folded up and ready to give to
it's proud owner.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the little doggy quilt.


diamondc said...

Conny: This is adorable, I love the colors, the scarfs from the vet are the perfect combination.
I have been very busy with work and my Mother again, will send you an email sometime this week-end, the picture will be in the mail before Friday, last week got too busy so sorry.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Momma for giving me sweet-choice words, I love you. The quilt sure has turned-out nice, a mother and daughter hand in stitch-y combination. Momma, you sure do know a quilt. With love to Lori, a start to finish...

Marlene Jones said...

Brilliant job, looks great.