Monday, January 6, 2014

New Living Area

Hello Everyone! I do hope that
your New Year has started off good!
Well, we are still trucking along - moving
rooms around that is. Everything is far
from being finished. My furniture is heavy!
What ever you do - do not buy any heavy
furniture if you like to change things around
like I do.
I gave my daughter Jan the other matching chair
and ottoman we owned and kept just this one set.
It is angled in the bay window. I always keep
white matelassé blankets on our furniture. This way
my furniture stays clean. These blankets get washed
often and bleached because of my dogs. But you
would not know it by looking at them. They hold
up very well.
Our T.V. is on the left, sofa is angled ONLY FOR A
Unfortunately my china cabinet had to stay - but
no problem. I worked it out.
The chaise is going upstairs as soon as we can get
that room straightened up.  These things are
a waste of money. Mine never gets sat in!
Our living area will be spacious once it's removed. 
Truly, I literally do not have a lot of
furniture. Our home is small and too much in it, makes
it look so crowded. I am always getting rid of
some thing! - But IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.
It is still going to take a few months to finish. These
things take time to plan and some things do not
fit where you mean for them to. So, then you have
to re-group! As we finish a room, if it has
carpet then that gets shampooed - not once - BUT
TWICE for good measure.
I will update this room again, once this Chaise is
out of here.
Thanks for visiting!

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