Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new Log Pincushion and Cross-Hatch finished!

Hello Everyone!
Sorry I did not post,
but I have been very busy.  I meant
to post the photo's. Am
trying to get my home de-cluttered
as well as sewing.  I have some other
photos to show you of the progression
of my new sewing room. It is coming along.
It took me 3 days to sew the second half
of the cross - hatching. So all together it
has taken me 6 days to hand quilt the top
with the exception of the border. But I do
need to tell you that sometimes I quilt for
hours before I take a break. It will take you
longer to quilt, if you stop and start a lot.
When I hand quilt, I always listen
to music or watch a movie that I
have previously watched before. This
way I do not become engrossed in
a new movie where it steals my attention
away from my stitching.
My main goal was to see how long it
would take me to hand quilt a
quilt without a frame, if I needed
a quilt really fast! I am hoping to
spend only a total of 2 weeks on this
quilt. So I am pleased with my progress
at this point.
This quilt is a twin so I am sure it would
have taken me longer if the quilt was
much bigger.
However the more I plied the needle, the
straighter my lines got. You can see this
in some of the pixs.
After I finished hand quilting - I had to make
me a better needle holder. The tomato pincushion
did not work anymore. I tried a square pincushion,
but that did not work either. I needed a pincushion
that was long so I made a LOG PINCUSHION.
This log when not in use will be stored with
my quilting supplies. Now, I can
thread 20 or more needles and stick them in the
Log ready to be used. When you keep your needles
threaded - you can fly with that stitching!
At least I felt like I was! Perhaps my sewing machine
witch cover had something to do with it. She keeps
looking at me!! Hehehe
Anyway, the log is made from a quilted pillow sham.
I swear - I will cut up most anything. Nothing is
sacred around me!
The log pincushion is 3inches X 11 inches long. It
is stuffed very hard. I definitely did not want my
fingers to get pricked on the bottom side if I choose
to pick this log up. The log is almost 2 inches thick.
I am enjoying this blue log!

I believe that the more you stitch the straighter your
lines are. However do not take a break too long from your
stitching or you would have to start over again.
If you find yourself having to start over again after a
couple of days, then your stitches might not be as straight
as they were before.
I forgot to take photo's of the back, but it is
straight and even which pleases me.
It is getting time take the safety pins out so I can
stitch the borders. I guess I will cross hatch them
also. Hopefully that goes quickly.
At my home - we eat black eyed peas and ham hocks
all day on the 1st. Tradition is the more of them you
eat the more money you make! Of course we are
still looking for that money! Haven't seen it yet!
Perhaps we did not eat enough. Heheheh
Happy New Year!!
Thanks for visiting me!

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Tatkis said...

Lovely pincushion! Good luck with the quilting :)