Sunday, December 15, 2013

What to do with Batterberg lace table runners!

Are you ready for Christmas!
I am still working on it. Also still
working on moving furniture.
Yes - we are slow, but the furniture
is heavy!
Anyway I feel like it is Christmas
I have been opening up boxes and going
through them. Time to purge some things.
When you sew and do a number of
different crafts, it gets hard to get
rid of anything cause you might need
it for something. Things such as
little hats or glasses that belongs
to dolls. Or crochet thread even
though I do not crochet - I do use
this thread to tie my quilts with.
The crochet thread also comes
in handy for making large
basting stitches on just
about anything. Well I have talked myself
into keeping the crochet thread.
Woe is me!
I did stop some to make these
sidelight curtains. I figured that
it is about time to make a pair.
I used 2 Battenberg lace table runners that
were just setting around in a box.
Truthfully I have had them for eons.
I also used a small amount of
white linen.
I hemmed the sides and the bottom
of both pieces of linen. I hemmed only
enough at the top to slip some wire
through.  Then I merely sewed the
Battenberg lace onto the linen.
The wire rests on 2 small
nails located at the top of the windows.
This was super fast and easy! And when
I no longer want to use these table
runners as curtains, then I can just
take the stitching out.

I guess they make some small curtain
rods for these sidelight windows, but
they would be bulky. I like the look
where you know something is holding
the curtains up - but you ask, how did
you do that!
Now, I really do like my window sidelights!

Thank you for visiting me.

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diamondc said...

Dearest Conny: These are so charming and so beautiful.
Thank-you for a great idea I may just have to copy it, hope you donot mind.
I will email you an update on the Laurent household tomorrow.