Thursday, December 26, 2013

Half of the Cross-Hatch quilting finished!

Hello Ya'll
Hope your Christmas was a
Merry one!
Well, it took me 3 days to finish half of the
cross-hatch quilting design. I did not quilt
any on Christmas Day. As you can tell from
the photo's, I did not mark any of the quilt.
Some of my lines are a little wavy but it
is not a big deal. Vintage quilts show some
wavy lines also from their makers. The
quilting is half of the vintage quilts charm
I think that I can safely say that some
quilts can take a while to hand quilt while
others do not.
I forgot to mention on the last post the
size of this quilt. The sheet says twin size.
72 inches X 104 inches. The vintage sheet
is Cannon's Monticello sheet. It is beautiful!
As I worked I stuck a safety pin on every
age spot that I saw. There are 5 squares
that have age spots on them.
I need to also mention that all of my blocks
are cotton. The large greenish squares are
half cotton and half poly.
The Vintage sheet is half cotton and half
After 20 years of storage there are
not any age spots on any of the fabric that is
half poly. I have found a new respect for
fabric being half poly.
I am hoping that once I wash this quilt that
the age spots will come out of the cotton.
I have not yet quilted the green borders or the
muslin borders.
I am estimating that it will probably take me
at least another 3 days to finish the second half of
this cross hatch design and perhaps another 2
or 3 days to finish the borders
before I can bind it.
One of the blocks with a safety pin showing an
age spot on the cotton. Where the safety pin is, can
you tell the blue square that has a joined seam. Many
of the blocks in this quilt has squares that have
seams. Not in this quilt but most of the time, when
I cut out a square from a shirt, I include darts or back
seams. It adds to the charm.
A beautiful vintage sheet - white and bright with no
 stains or age spots.
Well, I gotta go so I can quilt some more. Gotta
get busy!
Thank you for visiting me!
Take care and may
God keep you safe and out of harm's way!

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Marlene Jones said...

Love your quilt, it's some thing I have never made, can't wait to see it finished.