Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hello Everyone! I sure do hope
that you all had a wonderful
Thanksgiving  threw me behind on trying
to get our home back in order.
My house was
in shambles. It still is! The view is from my
front hall.
Here is my dining room table and chairs in my
breakfast area. I am surprised that it looks this
good. It is really big, perhaps too big for the
space. But I do love the look of using a
tablecloth in here. If the cramping
here gets to where I cannot stand it any longer,
then I will just have to swap with
my daughter Jan for a smaller table. The
only good thing about using a smaller table
in this space is there is not a cramped feeling.
The upsize of using a larger table is you
can seat more guest. Now 6 people can
dine with me. You know, I got tired of having
a room just sitting there empty all year only to be
used twice a year. Time to get
rid of the purple vase of flowers that
stayed on this table when it was in
the green room.
When my rooms get finished moving
around then I hope to take the
table cloth off and display the glass
table top like I have always done
with this set.
When I grew up we never
had any formal rooms. All of the rooms were
used and they had their functions. My
Mother had a large table in the dining space
right there in the kitchen. Of course
we had a lazy Susan on that table.
Back then, we did not  have any of the amenities
that we have today. There were not any
computers or un-necessary toys to add clutter.
Nothing was laying around. Her bedrooms
held the bed, night stand and only one dresser
that was shared by 2 children in each room.
My parents raised 7 children in her small
home. My Mother cleaned so much that
she cleaned the color right off of the tile.
My Mother did not sew or craft, so her home
was easy to clean and to keep clean. She was
an island girl and we lived by the beach.
Ahhhh memories!
Anyway someday I hope to be able to reduce the
clutter in my home. However majority of it is
in my sewing/craft room. In a few weeks I will
show you that room.
Okay back to the breakfast room.
Next year I hope
to re-paint the walls along with my cabinets
to a creamy white.  We need to lay down new
flooring, to a neutral color. Only cosmetics
need to be done in here. Nothing major.

By moving furniture around or getting rid of outdated
things - it kind of feels like you are getting something new!
I hope you like my tiny space!
Come back and visit me again

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diamondc said...

Dearest Conny: I love this look its very romantic looking.
Merry Christmas