Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hello Everyone!
I meant to post this 2 days ago, but I got so busy that
I completely forgot until now. I finished my
quilt on January 10th. The only thing left to
do is to make a quilt label and as of yet
I do not know what or how I want to make
that, or if I want to buy labels?
My quilt had to be washed 3 times to get those
age spots out. And each time I pre-treated them
very heavily. With each washing my muslin
got brighter and brighter. I am so happy with
how the quilt has turned out! I hope you like it
Here is my finished 9-patch quilt. Basically it has
taken me about 19 days to hand quilt this twin quilt.
Not bad, I say.

Here, I show one side of the borders that is quilted
already. I had to hand quilt fans in each of the 4
corners of the quilt, so I hope you can see it.
2 sides of the quilt has green
borders and the other 2 sides only have the cream
borders. I have not placed the quilt on my bed yet
to see which way those green borders are suppose
to lay, but I think they were added for length.
A better close up t see one of the fans.
All 4 borders are squared up with excess batting
and backing cut off.
I cut fabric 4.5 inches wide and folded in one side
towards the middle, but further towards the top. Then
I folded the other side in, making the size I wanted.
After all was folded and ironed, I began to machine
stitch to the back side of the quilt.
Here I was hand quilting the binding. This is the
fasting part of making a quilt. What I do is pin at
least 2 sides of the binding to the quilt. Then I start
hand stitching it closed on the front side.
Again, here is the quilt finished!
I will be hand quilting another quilt in a few more
weeks from now. I got some projects that need
Thank you for visiting me!

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Tatkis said...

Adorable quilt! Congratulations on your finish and Happy New Year!