Friday, March 12, 2010

30 minutes TOPS....

Imagine buying a piece of cross stitch from the thrift store. Thats
exactly where this cute rectangle came from. It was only 50 cents &
clean as a whistle when I bought it - never used. Of course it
was a fresh new piece - I added red felt to the back, trimmed off
the excess aida cloth, turned & stuffed it. Then top-stitched it in white
floss with big stitches. On the back I stitched a small triangle piece to hold the
scissors to hide the point. I like the plastic round ring that
holds the scissors but it can hold anything.
If you will click photo to make larger you will see that it is a curtain ring in which
it is slitted at the bottom. These types of rings are
used in fabric shades that attach to other rings to billow or gather
up the shade. Use to attach floss - there isnt any need to take the bands off of the floss
to attach it to the ring - it would slip on at the bottom & then snap shut.
If it ever breaks which I am sure in time it would - just sew on another one -
alot of these rings comes in a small package. Pins & needles can still be stuck
on the front side or the back side of the pincushion. The handy needlebook
is just 2 pieces of felt sewn together by the white floss. No need to turn under
the felt because it doesnt fray. Tie the rest of the floss into a bow. A makeshift
house pattern (with an uneven roof line) gives a coordinated touch. Then sew
a line down the middle of the book to indicate the line of closure. The pins
are stuck on a piece of red felt with a piece of the excess aida cloth behind it. I didnt
even sew this piece down - no need - the pins hold it in place. The other side
could be used for most anything that you choose to place there. Most likely the
next time that you see it open - I will have another piece of matching felt
& aida cloth to hold needles. If you have noticed - the aida cloth behind
the red felt is not cut even nor hemmed the reason is because I
wanted it to look like the front - quick & easy - no need for perfection on this
little needlebook. This pincushion & needlebook took only
a few minutes to make. Now if only I could find my snaps!
by Hopblogger

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